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We want to thank all of our applicants for the the time and energy they invested in this year’s competition. Your commitment to the task and to the pursuit of intellectual, academic and personal growth made the work of our selectors genuinely difficult. 

Each year we offer our students the opportunity to practice answering a difficult, but necessary question.  This year’s prompt was no exception.   While many candidates turned away from the challenge of the essay, abandoning half-finished apps or never beginning in the first place, those of you who took it on did so with fervor and in some cases, unfiltered frustration.    Whatever the result, we are grateful for the people, places, and ideas you shared with us, for your willingness to let us see a bit more of who you are and how you want to contribute to the world.  We hope that by answering our question, you were able to reconnect with more of what really moves you to listen, learn, and act with purpose in your lives. 

Though we are not able to reward every applicant with funding, we do consider each applicant’s materials fully, which creates an opening for conversations about what may have been done better and what really resonated with our selectors.  Whether you received a scholarship or were not chosen this year, you can learn how to tell your story better by doing all or some of the following:

Our 2018-2019 competition will open in mid-November in fall 2017 with our deadline for submission falling in the first two weeks of February 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Each year, Honors identifies extraordinary graduating seniors across the University of Iowa for celebration as Honors at Iowa Scholars. This high recognition acclaims student work in and beyond the classroom, with an emphasis on the applicant’s knowledge, skill, and experience as well as outstanding academic performance, excellence within their chosen discipline(s), and any contributions made to Honors and the University of Iowa community through performance, research, organizational leadership, volunteer service and intellectual or creative engagement.  For more information about our scholars, visit

To view or download a formatted announcement flier, click on the document link: PDF iconHAISA Announcement - 2017.pdf

The Fellows Project was established to identify exceptionally thoughtful, curious and motivated Honors students early on in their education and to create a space where each Fellow is challenged to develop a knowledge of the self and community that will deepen their intellectual life, strengthen their engagement with their discipline, and foster authenticity and confidence in their personal and professional relationships.

To view or download the full list 2017 Fellows click on the document link: PDF iconAnnouncing the 2017 Fellows Project Cohort - Honors at Iowa.pdf

To view or download our full list of Honors Program Scholarship recipients, click on the document link: PDF iconAnnouncing Honors at Iowa's 2017 Scholarship Recipients - Honors at Iowa.pdf