Honors at Iowa celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in the 2008-09 academic year, and in its long history the program has produced many and distinguished alums. Besides links to our Newsletter, we offer here news, articles, and events specific to our alums.

Also, we post here opportunities for you to give back to Honors with your time and expertise. With your experience in Honors and in your careers you are one of our most valuable resources and advocates.

Finally, we encourage you to come in person to visit.  At our last Commendation ceremony, we had a visiting alum, John Rutherford, from the very first Honors graduating class (1962), and we were able to introduce John at the ceremony.

Samuel Rhodes Dunlap

Honors at Iowa was founded by Samuel Rhodes Dunlap, Ph.D. Professor Dunlap was born in the state of Texas on March 11, 1911. He graduated from Rice Institute with an A.B. in 1931 and a M.A. in 1932, and earned his Ph.D. from Oxford in 1939 after becoming a Rhodes Scholar.