University of Iowa

Powers & Duties

Powers and duties of the Honors Advisory Board include providing direction on honors education at Iowa and serving as representatives and advocates of the honors program in general. Its meetings are scheduled by the Honors Director, and they occur annually. The Honors Director prepares the agendas, chairs meetings, and keeps records for the Board. Any member may offer items for discussion.

Selection & Appointment

Selection of the Honors Program Advisory Board is to represent both Honors Program alumni/ae that were actively engaged in the program while undergraduates, as well as friends of Honors at Iowa who feel a commitment to the program. Board members will have a desire to give back to the program, which could be done in various ways. For example:

  • Use of their personal and professional experience to guide the direction and objectives of the Honors Program.
  • Drawing on their expertise to address and mentor current Honors students.
  • Providing internships and other opportunities for current Honors students.
  • Fundraising and monetary support for Honors Program scholarships and initiatives.

Appointment of these members is by the Honors Director, and terms of service are three-years, renewable indefinitely.

The Board will also include the Honors Director, the Honors Associate Director, the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (ex officio), and a representative from the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development (ex officio).

Board Member Directory