UI Undergraduate Fellowships

UI Undergraduate Fellowships assists students at the University of Iowa in their pursuit of university, national, and international scholarship, fellowship, and grant opportunities.

Our Director of Scholar Development works with:

  • students as they consider how specific scholarship and fellowship opportunities can support their larger intellectual, professional, and creative goals
  • applicants as they craft original essays, personal statements, research proposals, build reciprocal relationships with faculty and community mentors, and prepare for individual and group interview experiences
  • faculty and community leaders as they mentor and support applicants, as well as in the development of strong, representative letters of recommendation

To schedule a Scholar Development conference in preparation for an internal scholarship or national fellowship process, please contact Kelly Thornburg at 319.335.1874.  If students reach out through email to schedule an appointment, they are asked to include a number where they may be reached during the day to allow for follow-up by phone to schedule the conference at the earliest convenience. 

Please note: Students are expected to conduct a preliminary scholarship and fellowships search before requesting an appointment to allow for a more productive planning conversation.  

Our starter guide, “Where should I start? Resources for conducting an effective funding search” is a great place to start if you are just beginning to explore the spectrum of scholarships and fellowships available to both undergraduates and recent alumnae. 

Additional Resources