Honors Advising Award

Advisors who distinguish themselves in advising honors students are to be thanked by one and all, and special recognition is bestowed each year on a particular individual. For awardees, the Honors Program is pleased to offer a monetary award and personalized memento. The award will be made during the Honors Recognition Ceremony held each April.

The call for nominations for this award will be issued late in the fall and early each spring.  Nominations will include the candidate’s name, college, and department; a description of how the nominator knows the candidate; and an explanation for why the candidate is a distinguished honors advisor. Nominations should be sent to honors-director@uiowa.edu.

Pictured: Julie Claus, 2014 Honors Advising Award Winner at the 2014 Spring Recognition Ceremony 


2014 - Julie Claus, Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center

2013 - Amanda Van Horne, Associate Professor. Speech Pathology & Audiology

2012 - Patricia Folsom, Assistant Provost & Director, Academic Advising Center  

2011 - Lynn Lanning, Academic Advisor in Art and Art History

2010 - Jonathan Poulton, Professor of Biology