Lane Davis Award for Honors Team-Teaching

Team-teaching is a crucial dynamic of intellectual community. A great way for honors students to pursue inquiry and learn constructive argument is to witness and join lively conversations between professors who bring different educations and interests to important questions. Among many, Professor Lane Davis excelled at team teaching and this award, named in his honor, recognizes and encourages faculty to team teach honors students. Awardees receive a monetary award and personalized memento. Presentation of these awards is made during the Honors Commendation Ceremony held in May the evening before University Graduation.


2014 - Sarah Larsen and Russell Larsen in Chemistry 

2013 - Tom Keegan and Matt Gilchrist in Rhetoric

2012 - Karen Heimer in Sociology and Joseph Lang in Statistics & Actuarial Science

2011 - Jennifer Sessions in History and Jae-Jae Spoon in Political Science

2010 - Kenneth G. Brown and Amy Colbert in Management and Organizations

2009 - Jon Ringen in Interdisciplinary Studies and Edward A. Wasserman in Psychology

2008 - Cary Covington and Tom Rice in Political Science