Honors Teaching Award

Honors teachers who distinguish themselves in their work are to be thanked by one and all, and special recognition is bestowed each year on a particular individual. For awardees, the Honors Program is pleased to offer a monetary award and personalized memento. The award will be made during the Honors Commendation Ceremony held in May the evening before University Graduation.

The call for nominations for this award will be issued late in the fall and early each spring.  Nominations will include the candidate’s name, college, and department; a description of how the nominator knows the candidate, and an explanation for why the candidate is a distinguished honors teacher. Nominations should be sent to honors-director@uiowa.edu.


2014 - Chris Cheatum, Professor, Department of Chemistry 

2013 - Donna Parsons, Lecturer in Music and Honors

2012 - Not Awarded

2011 - Paul Kleiber, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

2010 - Dénes Gazsi, Professor of Arabic in French and Italian

2009 - Laurie Croft, Professor of Counseling, Rehabilitation, and Student Development

          Daniel Quinn, Professor of Chemistry

2008 - Tom Rice, Professor of Political Science

2007 - Kelly Kadera, Associate Professor of Political Science

2006 - Carol Severino, Associate Professor of Rhetoric